Starting with a drinks reception on 24th January, DATA.SPACE 2019 will bring together ambitious companies setting out on their space-enabled, data-driven venture with established, global thought-leaders across decision and policy, investment, academia, and industry.

The 2019 agenda will showcase the areas in which satellite data is being used and has the potential to be used across the globe from the oceans to farms, from communication in space to emergency disaster management on the ground, you will hear about how satellite data is transforming sectors across the globe.

Click here to view the 2018 agenda.

Day 1 - 24 Jan 19
Day 1
Day 1
Registration and Breakfast
Session 1: Service.Space

It’s all about the service, the product, the data. Hear about some of the newest and most exciting services to emerge over the last year.

Tea/Coffee Break and Networking
Session 2: Logistics.Space

Global merchandise trade is worth in excess of 10 trillion dollars. However, transferring merchandise throughout the World is a complex logistical problem. Learn how satellite data contributes to this sector, while also discovering lucrative opportunities for your own business.

DATA.SPACE "Ones2Watch": 2 minute pitches

The hottest companies in the industry. Ones2Watch is a quickfire showcase of the up and coming disruptors and their exciting technologies.

Lunch and Networking
Session 3: Humanitarian.Space

Ending poverty, ensuring equity and social justice, and solving global humanitarian challenges requires a global perspective. Hear how space enabled data and services are changing the world for the better.

Tea/Coffee Break and Networking
Session 4: Blue.Space

Shipping, tourism, fisheries, oil and gas, and renewable energy all depend on the sea; as does the Earth’s health. Find out where you fit in and discover how data from space adds value to this $multi-trillion sector.

Gala Dinner
Day 2 - 25 Jan 19
Day 2
Day 2
Registration with tea, coffee and pastries
Session 1: Society.Space

Discover how government bodies around the World are looking to support and engage with commercial providers for services that enhance society.

Tea/Coffee Break and Networking
Session 2: Challenges.Space

Satellite data has revolutionised the way we navigate, communicate and monitor our surroundings, but with better understanding comes new challenges. This session sheds light on some of the emerging challenges in various sectors, for which a space data solution might be the key.

Lunch and Networking
Session 3: Emerging.Space

It’s all about the innovation, the disruption, the opportunity. Hear about the most exciting service offerings set to emerge over the coming year(s).