Why Attend


Space-enabled data is an increasingly important means of observing our Earth. It offers solutions for the betterment of life alongside a wealth of new and unimagined business and science opportunities.

One of the key drivers of DATA.SPACE 2018 is to raise awareness of the commercial opportunities that are being created by the democratisation of space, providing a platform for thought-leaders across start-ups, investors, and decision, policy, knowledge, and data makers to network and discover our tomorrow, today.

This major international conference is attracting delegates drawn from a broad spectrum of global academia, government and industries across many sectors, including energy, marine & maritime, sustainable cities, agriculture & aquaculture, life sciences, transport, and so much more.


Engaging Starts

Starts are talented, innovative, and ambitious companies setting out on their space-enabled, data-driven venture.  DATA.SPACE is a unique opportunity for you to network with thought-leaders across decision & policy, knowledge, and data makers, whilst meeting potential new investors from across the World.

DATA.SPACE 2018 is showcasing some of the most exciting Starts as the DATA.SPACE Ones2Watch in 2018 with marketing support, a pitch session on the morning of the first day of conference, a dedicated Innovation Zone for the Ones2Watch in the exhibition area, and enhanced access to our Investors and your potential customers. Register today and tell us why you are One2Watch.

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Engaging Makers

Established companies, academia and government bodies.

Makers are established, global thought-leaders across decision & policy, academia, and industry. Makers are making knowledge, data, and technology. Makers are making decisions on matters that impact. DATA.SPACE is your chance to discover up and coming Starts, network with investors from across the World, and grow your knowledge and connections with like-minded peers and potential new customers.

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Engaging Investors

Investors are enabling the new space revolution, giving makers and starts the support they require to realise their vision and ambition. DATA.SPACE is your chance to discover your next big investment, with new and emerging Starts that are transforming and disrupting sectors across the globe, whilst networking with peers & thought-leaders across decision & policy, knowledge, and data makers.

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